Special offers from 1 March 2017


At present we are offering free attendance to our health talks (usually £20). They are run twice monthly and are usually held on a Monday evening at 7pm. PLEASE RING TO CHECK TIMES AND DATES AVAILABLE & TO CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE as they can be fully booked. 

Call 01603 926182 to book today.


Online special offer only, just mention it when booking your first visit, or pick the correct appointment type when booking online yourself. It takes less than a minute to do yourself.  

Call 01603 926182 to book today.


We look forward to helping you.


Free Spinal Health Screens

Not sure if we can help? Why not book a free spinal health check with one of our chiropractors and find out what we can do. We offer  a courtesy  5-10 minute informal screen/chat for those people who would like to ask a few  more questions than the usual before booking an appointment. 

Call 01603 926182 to book today.