Will I need X-rays and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans?

Where appropriate an X-ray and/or MRI Investigations may be necessary for diagnosis.

We have access to local x-ray facilities at Global Diagnostics (at an additional cost) and we can refer you for MRI scanning if required. Where they are performed will determine the cost.

We may also refer a patient back to their GP for further tests or other appropriate treatment if required.

Is Chiropractic on the NHS?

Not in Norfolk, Chiropractic is currently only available on the NHS in certain areas of the country so in Norfolk it is only a private healthcare option, although some General Practitioners may recommend Chiropractic as a complementary healthcare option to their patients. We frequently get people who come to us after it has been suggested to them by their GP.

Can I get my care covered by Health Insurance?*:

In most cases yes; the application of Chiropractic techniques is covered by most major private medical insurance companies. Please contact your Insurer prior to attending your new patient visit to check if you can claim treatment.

Do I have to pay to park?

Parking is entirely free and available for as long as each customer is in for care. We have our own dedicated parking area which is well signposted  and next to our unit. A disabled parking bay is also available, in front of the front door, for those who battle to walk. We request it be strictly only used if genuinely needed. While we are understanding of special circumstances, it becomes frustrating to customers who really need this access point if everyday  mobile customers use this spot all the time.


*Please note if planing to claim through your insurance a receipt will be issued after each treatment or group of treatments so that you can claim directly.