"Highly recommend this chiropractor , Lara takes her time to treat you , not like some clinics that rush you in and out in 10 mins." Sue 


"Relaxed atmosphere. Informative with regards to how back affects all aspects of health." Brian.


"Always greeted in a friendly and welcoming manner in reception. Treatment is explained well while being performed so you are aware and comfortable with what is going on and on each and every visit I left with a significant improvement on how I arrived."  Mark.


"Informative, quick working, a lot less pain. Having scoliosis and other orthopedic issues, I didn’t feel a chiropractor could help me, but it really helped to release my severe back and shoulder pain."  Sarah.



"Lara is highly recommended by myself. She is both friendly and professional and knows her stuff!" Alison


"I would highly recommend Align Chiropractic. Lara is FANTASTIC and holistically helps/supports my neck, back, shoulders, over all well being regularly." Sarah


"Very helpful and has made me more aware of my body." Rebecca. 


"Good experience. I appreciated having a care plan so that I was aware what needed addressing. I came in last week with pain in my neck and went home without it!" :-) Anon.


"Much more holistic than I expected and gentler too! Rather than just treating the symptoms, a wider approach seeks to address all aspects of lifestyle affecting movement. Supportive and encouraging environment." Peter.


"Cannot recommend Lara highly enough, she is fantastic! I walk in like a little old lady and virtually skip out. She really knows her stuff, takes time to find out about you and works miracles" Rachel


"Pleasant, I was given lots of information and things (were) explained to me...always friendly and approachable." Amy.


"Very positive – relief again, and confidence to move and regain previous ability to play tennis and badminton energetically." David.


"Amazing! I knew she would be able to realign (my) pelvis, but was not prepared for the other benefits. I feel so much better as a whole. I’m so pleased I found Lara."  Pat.


"My back pain was relieved quickly and other problems also identified and worked on. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. Booking appointments to fit around work etc. was very easily accommodated. I would recommend to friends and family." Andrea.