With regards to a specific illness or disease, at Align Chiropractic, we do not claim to "treat" anything or "cure" anything. We may care for people who feel we help manage their symptoms e.g. musculoskeletal aches and pains occurring in an illness but it would irresponsible to say we "treat" or "cure" such things.

There may be certain conditions where there may be some research, case studies and/or antedotal evidence suggesting we can help.  But as we are not backed by "big bucks", or funds of a big pharmaceuticals firm or similar, there has not been many, if any, randomised controlled studies done yet in most cases. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page for further clarity if required.

If you still want clarity please feel free to book in for a free 15 min spinal health check where the Chiropractor can discuss things with you in person and not by phone or email where information can be misconstrued.

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Shoulder Stretches

Low Back Stretches

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Preventing Workplace Pain



About Chiropractic

Car accident Injury Videos

Back Pain Videos

Carpal Tunnel, Wrist, Arm Pain Videos

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