I grew up in sunny South Africa and was already studying in Durban when I first came into contact with Chiropractic. I had been suffering with neck pain and headaches for over a year and had been told to "live with it", I was only 21!

My new GP suggested that I try the Chiropractic Student Internship Clinic in Durban, where they improved things and left such an impression on me that I decided to change my path of study and train to be a Chiropractor.

With a move of countries half way through, I graduated with a Masters degree in Chiropractic from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic following 6 years of study, 3 of which were at the Durban Institute of Technology in South Africa.

I have been living in Norwich since 2006 and opened my own practice in 2010 with my husband Stefan, originally our practice manager, who has now retrained as a Chiropractor too! My passion for chiropractic is contagious! ;-)

Choosing to become a chiropractor has had a profound effect on my life and that of my family. It is not just a career you have chosen but a lifestyle choice. Chiropractic views health holistically and we follow the principle that dis-ease and then disease is as a result of a combination of 3 stressors on the body, physical, chemical and emotional stressors. If you aim to live your life keeping these three areas under control you will be healthy and achieve optimal health. For me that involves having regular chiropractic adjustments, swimming and running and making sure we cook from scratch always. A house rule is we have to have something green at each meal (much to my husbands disgust!).

I am passionate about natural healthcare. I am a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine ( and am  a certified functional medicine practitioner (University of Functional Medicine). More recenlty I completed a diploma in Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition.  Giving me further tools to help coach people in living their optimal life and lifestyle.

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